Frequently asked questions

How do I win?

You must complete four missions. Your objective for the current mission is listed on the MFD in the top-right on the MIS tab. Once you've completed the objective, move your Deadnauts to an evacuation point.

Do I have to go all the way back to the start of the map?

Maybe. Intuitive Deadnauts may reveal more convenient evac points.

How do I lose?

You can lose in two ways: your Deadnauts are wiped out by threats or sentinels, or the ship they're aboard takes too much damage and explodes.

How should I create my Deadnauts?

There are no perfect Deadnauts. Every skilled Deadnaut must have a downside - perhaps they're unlikeable, maybe they have some kind of flaw.

What's the best strategy?

It depends on the enemy you're facing and the location. Check the mission briefing and the Library console before you equip your Deadnauts.

Why does the screen go funny?

Every ship has Watchers that roam around looking for threats. If they spot your Deadnauts, they'll try to disrupt the signals they're sending and receiving.

How do I stop Watchers?

Watchers can't be killed. The only way to stop them is to find a security console, hack into it, and place a firewall to temporarily block it.

I unlocked a door, but it locked again behind me. Why?

Watchers will look for any signs of hacking and try to correct them.

Why do my Deadnauts slow down during combat?

Many actions require power. Your Deadnauts' suits provide a lot of power, but they need to recharge. Fortunately, they can tap into the ship's reserve power that flows into the room.

How can I stop my Deadnauts getting dragged away?

A Deadnaut with a pesonal shield or a field thrown on them will never get dragged. If they do get dragged, Deadnauts with melee weapons or high grit may break free sooner.

How do I increase power to a room?

All rooms are connected to a circuit. One of the rooms on the circuit will have a power controller that your Deadnauts can use to boost or lower power. Remember: boosting power to one circuit will lower the power on other circuits.

I increased power to the room, but it only produced a mild effect. Why?

Check the ship's power profile on the MFD. If the ship isn't diverting a lot of power to the reserve system, then there won't be a large reservoir for your Deadnauts to draw power from.

What's Knowledge?

Whenever your Deadnauts discover something new, your Knowledge will increase. This can happen when you enter a new room, investigate a corpse, or learn something about an enemy.

What do I do with Knowledge?

You trade your Knowledge for technology with Earth via the Communications screen on the Library console. The more Knowledge you have, the more technology you can purchase.

What equipment should I buy?

Try and figure out what might help you defeat your enemies. Does it have any specific weaknesses you could exploit?

Why can't I reload my game?

If all your Deadnauts die, the game is lost forever. There is no reloading.

If I lose a Deadnaut, should I just restart?

Not necessarily. If you have at least one Deadnaut remaining at the end of a mission, you can spend some of your Knowledge to create clones of your deceased Deadnauts. However, the cloning process isn't perfect: your clone may have lost skills... or perhaps gained some.