In Deadnaut, your goal is to complete a campaign comprised of four linked missions. Locations, items, aliens and enemies are dynamically generated, meaning no two missions are the same.

To leave a location, and therefore complete a mission, your Deadnauts will have to satisfy a main objective. This appears on the MFD screen on the MIS panel. Some objectives are straightforward extermination missions, while others may involve investigation and exploration.

In all cases, you must reach an evacuation point, signified by a blue hatch. There is always an evacuation point in the room you started in. Some Deadnauts may use their intuition to discover more.

Death is not the end

If your crew is wiped out, the game is permanently over. There are no reloads, and no undos.

However, so long as you end a mission with at least one living crew member, then you can clone any deceased Deadnauts.