Shields and fields

The best way to protect your Deadnauts is to equip them with shields. Shields can provide the following benefits:

  1. Armour: This will stop an attack from penetrating on one or more methods (ballistic, melee, blast and beam)
  2. Resistance: These shields can target a specific damage type, such as heat or cold, and provide bonuses to resistance


Of course, you'll need to have defense ports on your suit and a spare passive slot, which limits who can carry shields. The answer is to equip one of your Deadnauts with a field, which will 'throw' a shield onto another Deadnaut, provided that Deadnaut is in range and in line-of-sight.

To project a field, select a Deadnaut with a field in their primary suit slot and then middle-click on another Deadnaut. Alternatively, hold down Control and left-click.

Shields and fields stack, meaning you can throw a field onto a Deadnaut who already has a shield for an extra bonus.

Note that fields use the suit's active power when activated.

Controlling with fields

Some threats will try and drag your Deadnauts away from the group, which can have a devastating effect. Any Deadnaut with a shield or field will never be dragged - you can also cast a field onto a Deadnaut to cancel a drag in progress.

In addition, you can also throw a field onto an enemy. This has several effects:

Although fields rely on timing and reflexes, they can be very powerful and are worth taking the time to master.

Protection from structural damage

If a room's structural integrity drops below 10%, Deadnauts will start taking damage in that room. A shield or field will block all room damage of this type.


A repulsor is a special kind of protective item that also uses shield slots. However, instead of reducing damage, it releases a wave of energy that pushes threats backward. The smaller the threat, the further they'll be pushed back, and if you manage to send them into a wall, then they may also take a small amount of damager.

To use a repulsor, hold Control and aim in the direction you want to push, then left-click. Alternatively, hold and release the middle mouse button.