Creating Deadnauts

Starting a new game will always give a capable crew to play with, but if you want more control over your Deadnauts, you can always try to craft the perfect crew.

Create a new character

To start creating Deadnauts, click the Crew Roster button on the main menu screen.

  1. Select Create New Character.
  2. Choose a name, portrait and gender. You cannot choose an age - it will increase as your Deadnaut progresses through each phase.
  3. Choose your primary statistics. You can distribute your attributes how you wish, at a cost.
  4. Determine environmental preferences. Any adjustment - positive or negative - will have a cost.
  5. Select a school in Young Adulthood. You must select a 'Career' option.
  6. Select an Early Career. You may not have enough points to do so, meaning you'll need to pick up a negative trait, such as a 'flaw' or a negative relationship
  7. If you prefer, you can finish your Deadnaut's back story here, or you can continue with a Late Career option and then a Wisdom option.

Your character is now complete. Note that some elements of your character will be assigned when the game starts, such as relationships.

Active roster

By default, all new Deadnauts created will be 'active'. An active Deadnaut means they will always appear in your crew when you start a new campaign.

If you have fewer than 5 active Deadnauts, new Deadnauts will be generated for you. If you have more than 5 active Deadnauts, then 5 will be randomly selected from your active list.