You command a crew of Deadnauts, so named because they rarely make it back to Earth. They each have their reasons for signing up - glory, escape, fear, penance - and they all have something to offer.

Some are experienced soldiers, others are master hackers. Some have been exploring for years and have developed a special intuition for this kind of work.

But there's no guarantee they'll work together. They don't have to like each other. They don't have to like you. They're not a well-oiled combat machine. They might be unstable and they have their flaws.


Although there are no character classes, your Deadnauts will generally fulfil of one of four general roles.


Deadnauts have the following fundamental attributes

Attributes are generally fixed throughout the game. However, they can be manipulated briefly using special stimulants. Be warned: when a stimulant wears off, the Deadnaut will go into a withdrawal phase and take penalties.


Skills represent a set of abilities, typically related to a Deadnaut's history.


Deadnauts may have flaws. These are special periodic events that may be triggered in certain circumstances.

Any flaw effects are temporary. For example, Deadnaut relationships that have dropped because of a Bad Vibes event will return to normal after a short period.


All Deadnauts work well in some situations, and poorly in others. When they're in a preferred environment, they'll fight better, hack faster and generally perform better in everything they do.

Every Deadnaut has either a positive or negative preference for the following categories:

You can alter these preferences during the Childhood phase when creating a new Deadnaut.

Stable formation

If a group of Deadnauts in close proximity are moderately or highly stable, then they'll receive a 'Stable formation' bonus. Deadnauts in a stable formation will move at the same speed and detect enemies faster. They can also receive a special bonus to damage if they concentrate their fire on a single enemy.


Your Deadnauts start every campaign with a (mostly) fixed set of positive and negative relationships. Relationships can be influenced during character creation by choosing to make a Deadnaut likeable or unlikeable.

Relationships have a constant influence on Deadnauts. If a Deadnaut is near one or more people that he or she gets along with, then they will receive a boost to all skills. However, if Deadnauts don't get along, then they will receive a penalty.

There are several ways you can influence relationships:

Penalties or bonuses are always temporary and do not persist between missions.

Helping out

Deadnauts that have a good relationship are more likely to help each other in combat. This behaviour persists as long as there is a positive relationship between two Deadnauts.


When a Deadnaut dies, you can revive them after the mission. It can be expensive, and the cloning process isn't perfect, but it might just get you through the campaign.

To clone a Deadnaut, select 'Cloning' on the Communications screen, select your Deadnaut, and the press 'Clone'.