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Fear Equation: Now Out On Steam And GOG

If you’ve been anticipating the release of our latest game Fear Equation on Steam or GOG, your chance to venture into the fog is here! The game is now out on both sites and to celebrate, we’re having a 25% off sale for a limited time. Fear Equation is a genre-spanning horror strategy title where […]

Join The Nightmare Train With Fear Equation’s First Trailer

With the release of Fear Equation drawing closer, what better time to show you more of the game — this time in video form! Here’s our first trailer, featuring various snippets of gameplay including rigging the lottery, scavenging missions, course plotting and driving the train, as well as a peek at a few of the […]

Fear Equation: The next game from Screwfly Studios

Hello folks! We’re happy to announce our next game, Fear Equation. It’s due out this year — we’re aiming for October. It’s a horror strategy game — part-real time, part-turn-based — where your job is to guide 150 passengers through a fog that brings their nightmares to life. Keep things under control though, because if […]

Get Deadnaut for Linux

Today we’re happy to announce the immediate availability of Deadnaut for Linux! If you purchase the game directly from this website or via Steam, you’ll now receive the Linux version of Deadnaut, along with Windows and Mac. Currently, only Ubuntu 12.04 and later versions are officially supported, however, it should be possible to run Deadnaut […]

Deadnaut is now available!

Good news! The full version of Deadnaut, the second game from Screwfly Studios, is now available for purchase directly from us. If you buy it direct, you’ll get a DRM-free download and we’ll also send you a Steam key when we launch there. The game is currently available for Windows and Mac OS X users; […]

Download the Deadnaut Technical Demo

In preparation for the release of the full version, we’ve made available a technical demo of Deadnaut with a limited feature set. The primary goal of this build is to test the game on as wide a range of hardware as possible to iron out any platform-related issues, though there is a good amount of […]

Will your crew survive a galactic graveyard of hostile terrors?

From the makers of Zafehouse: Diaries comes Deadnaut, a challenging, character-driven game of complex strategy, cunning tactics, dynamic missions and customisation. Squad-based tactics: Control five complex characters as they explore, investigate and fight their way through each mission. Character generation: Create back stories for your team, mould their relationships and equip them well. Every game […]