Will your crew survive a galactic graveyard of hostile terrors?

From the makers of Zafehouse: Diaries comes Deadnaut, a challenging, character-driven game of complex strategy, cunning tactics, dynamic missions and customisation.

  • Squad-based tactics: Control five complex characters as they explore, investigate and fight their way through each mission.
  • Character generation: Create back stories for your team, mould their relationships and equip them well.
  • Every game is unique: Dynamically-generated missions and campaigns ensure no two mysteries are the same.
  • Flexible and complex: Adapt to your situation with an arsenal of weapons and shields, or use stealth, hacking and sensors to move unnoticed.
  • Out of control: Deadnauts have their own fears, motivations and dispositions. Stay in charge, keep in contact, don’t let them out of your sight.

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